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There is nothing but energy everywhere. Energies are made of frequencies. This doc specializes in frequency research. You may benefit from his research.

My first serious introduction into frequencies and health was via zappers (if used properly) and their ability to destroy pathogenic organisms.

Docs reach for the Rx pad when treating infections. It is easy, has a proven history of being effective and is accepted protocol.

But now we know that antibiotics not only destroy pathogens, antibiotics also destroy all the flora in one's bowel for a period of time.

However, it is said 60% of our immune system is in our bowel.

See the potential problem/conflict?

You have an infection your immune system couldn't handle (for a variety of reasons) so you required antibiotics.

But the antibiotics destroy up to 60% of your immune system! (And yet people survive!)

That's what you call being compromised!

It would be beneficial to avoid taking antibiotics if at all possible, because...the so-called, "antibiotics of last resort" are being used.

New antibiotics will be discovered and will be effective for a period of time.

But pathogens always adapt/mutate.

If you learn about frequencies and their effect on your health it may be possible to use certain frequencies and obtain positive results.

But you have to do your own research.

It is likely your doc will not mention this subject for a variety of reasons.

Our physical survival is being challenged as never before on every level one can imagine.

For the frequency information check out

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