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"One Day We Will Meet Again" very emotional song by Austrian Andreas Gabalier (composed in memory of his passed father and sister).
Special K = Depression Treatment? LMAO! - Doctoring with symptoms whilst avoiding the causes. Typical Jew York Times Bullshit. An insult to the human spirit. Another money sucker scam to spoil people.
Farewell to Udo Jürgens - singing to his daughter 30 years ago: Ich wünsch Dir Liebe ohne Leiden / I wish you love without pain
Farewell to John Robert "Joe" Cocker - N'Oubliez Jamais - Let's Never Forget ;)
Curcumin Prevents Fluoride from Destroying Your Brain *LINK*
"Special K" (anything related to Kellog's junk flakes here?) appears to be yet another 'symptoms treatment' for the destructive blood suckers - imho. UNI-versity Rothschild guy LMAO :) *NM*
Science PROVIING the Rishi's Right. Amazing Sri Yantra Mandala "OM" found in MASSIVE Oregon Crop Circle *LINK* *PIC*
Plants have intelligence! *LINK*
Excellent! Fascinating! like the book I read decades ago "The Secret Life Of Plants" - If you love plants they love you in return and help you to survive. If you think it to the end .....? *NM*
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