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Grow your teeth back. Yeah..... easily, painlessly, costless, and healthy. WOW!! *LINK* *PIC*
This Hawkings guy is a fatalist. Always a pessimist. We're all ALWAYS gonna die....... or so the twitching goes. *LINK*
United Nations Calls for an End to Industrialized Farming *LINK* *PIC*
Hey Lady! Put this on your lips! *LINK* *PIC*
Meditation can Grow Your Brain in Just 8 Weeks *LINK*
This tiny axe blade was found near the body of the male individual. It is presumed to have been used as both a weapon and a tool. *LINK* *PIC*
Super Golden Milk recipe - A tonic adapted for the mind, its libido, and that electricity of vibrancy and health! *PIC*
WOW! What a rocket booster for the cocky rooster :D I'll try it at least 2 times. One with milk as liquid, the other, imagine, with alcohol :D Will I survive? Or go haywire? ... add red chili? :D *NM*
My wife says it tastes a lot like Chai, so she uses it in her coffee, and loves it. *NM*
Did Someone/Thing Just Land?
It's a stretch for the imagination, but the two of the dots do seems to connect up to each other.
maybe an end-of-use satellite descending into the denser atmosphere or a high orbit spy plane shot down by Putin :( ? (think of U2 Sverdlovsk 1960 and recent fireball there) *NM*
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