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From the Palm Bech Daily newsletter...MasterCard says Americans spent $850 BILLION this holiday season!!! Not mentioned much in the news.

This Retailer Took a Beating Last Year—Buy It Now

By Nick Rokke, analyst, The Palm Beach Daily

PHOENIX—You might not believe this, but the numbers don’t lie…

Despite recent market volatility, the U.S. had its biggest holiday spending season ever.

According to Mastercard, U.S. sales from November 1, 2018 through Christmas Eve rose 5.1% from the previous year. Americans spent over $850 billion this holiday season—a new record.

But you’d never know that by turning on the TV…

There’s a lot of negativity in the world right now: gloom and doom about global growth slowdowns, government shutdowns, and even kids dying at the border (a hot topic here in Phoenix, which I’m currently visiting as part of my national tour).

All this is meant to scare people into watching news programs longer.

But if you’re only paying attention to the news cycle, you may have missed some nuggets of good news buried below the headlines—news that could actually make you money…

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